Kowin Montreal



The association KOWIN MONTREAL is a non-profit organization


acting and striving to fulfill the following purposes; to promote solidarity and friendship 

among Korean women living in Montreal by encouraging interdependence and 

exchange of information, to encourage them and their family to increase their potential 

and to contribute to the Canadian society in a meaningful way, and finally 

to strengthen relationship with other Koreans in the Canadian community, 

local Korean community and the world.


코윈몬트리올은 비영리 단체로서 한인여성들의 상호협조와 우정

정보교환 정보제공으로 여성과 가족들의 발전을 돕고

사회 진출을 격려하며, 다른지역 한인들과의 상호 관계, 캐나다 지역사회와의 

상호 관계를 원활히 하는 행사를 조직합니다.

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Tel. 438-885-9216

Email: kowinmtl@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kowin.montreal