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Dear all,

Hope this finds you well. Again, many thanks to you for your great support and participation in the Career Mentorship Conference- Leadership in Action 2011 in last November. Today, I would like to invite you below KOWIN Montreal’s 2012 seminars and other new events that our executive members have prepared since then.  

1. Seminar on Employment and Job Search  

KOWIN Montreal invites you to the seminar on Employment and Job Search on Saturday, March 17th at 1:00pm. This seminar will take place at the Korean Community Centre (3480 Decarie, 2nd floor, Metro Vendome). Ms. Corine Camier from Action Travail des femmes, an institution specialized in employment service since 1982 will be the guest speaker. She will talk about the government subsidized training programs, education and follow-up in the field of employment discrimination, labour standards in Quebec province. Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you among us.


2. KOWIN Annual General Assembly

The annual general assembly of KOWIN Montreal will take place on Saturday, March 17th 3:00pm, just after the seminar on Employment at Korea Community Centre Centre (3480 Decarie, 2nd floor, Metro Vendome). Anyone who is interested in KOWIN business  is eligible to come to this gathering and Kowin Montreal is looking forward to meeting you all. Refreshments will be served. Please come earlier for your networking. Hope to see you among us.


3.  <Kowin Mentor Club> launched with Senator Martin

On February 15th, our 22 mentors of the Mentorship Leadership conference 2011 gathered at the Fasken Martineau reception hall, famous law firm located in downtown. Senator Yonah Martin came from Ottawa specially to support this event. KOWIN Montreal President Dr. Seong-Sook Yim and Secretary general Jae-Ran Lee were also presented. President Yim’s proposal to launch a <Kowin Mentor Club> was unanimously passed. The first program of the <Mentor Club> is the “Dinner with Mentors/Causerie avec mentors”. Through this program, student youth and next generation members  will have a chance to meet the mentors in a informal context and have career counseling sessions. Per session, a group of 4 or 5 students can attend to dinner with a mentor and have a time to network while having dinner together. Proposed meeting times: Every 2nd Wednesday or Thursday of each month starting April 2012. Now online registration for “Dinner with Mentors” is opened on the Kowin website where you can also see the complete list of mentors in the section Kowin Event- next generation.

If you are interested in Dinner with Mentors (Causerie avec Mentors) please do registration by clicking the linkhttp://www.kowinmontreal.com/xe/dwm.  Sponsors providing the venue for this  program would have a chance to promote their brand names with logo on the Kowin’s website for a year. If you have any questions regarding the conference, please contact our staff atkowinmtl@gmail.com; or 438-885-9216.


3.  <KOWIN-Senate Internship Bursary Program> Winner

Ye-Ji (Emily) Na was chosen as intern from the <Kowin-Senate Internship Program>. She will be interning at the Senator Yonah Martin’s office as an assistant from September to December. This internship bursary program of 4 months was created to encourage KOWIN Montreal next generation members to participate actively in the community development. It allows the 2nd generation of Koreans and/or affiliated to build their career experience in the government and to prepare entering in the mainstream of the Canadian society.  


3.  2012 KOWIN’S Annual Congress in Korea

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF) of the Republic of Korea will host the 2011 KOWIN (Korean Women’s international Network) Annual Congress from August 28th to 31st. As mentioned below, the meeting will take place in Yosu, an international ocean resort and tourist city and the host city for the 2012 World Expo located in the southern coast of the country.  You are all invited to apply for this annual Conference. The information is also available on the Kowin website. Please complete and submit the attached form to Kowin Montreal chapter kowinmtl@gmail.com before March 30th.


Ø  Date:  August 28 to 31st 2012  

Ø  Place: Yosu City, TheOcean Hotel (to be confirmed)

Ø  Program:

- Panel presentation on subject: Global Korean women responding to climate change

      Small group discussion and mentoring sessions by field 

      Regional culture visit and Institutions (ex. Blue house) visit

Ø  Grant: Accommodation and meals for 4 days will be paid in full by the MOGEF

Ø  Application Deadline: Friday, March 30th 2012


Best wishes,


Seong-Sook Yim, Ph.D.

President, KOWIN Montreal

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