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Highlights from the KOWIN Employment and Job Search Seminar:

On March.17th, 2012, KOWIN Montreal has successfully completed an Employment and Job Search Seminar in conjunction with Montreal’s Action Travail des femmes. Action Travail des femmes is a Montreal founded institution specialized in employment service since 1982. Our guest speaker Ms. Corine Camier, enthusiastically informed us about the current job market situation in Quebec. In addition, she has informed us of many strategies job seekers can use when tackling the obstacles in the demanding job market today.


For those who have missed our informative meeting, KOWIN has summarized the crucial points presented at the Seminar:


Discrimination in Job Market:


·         Discrimination in job market exists within Women, immigrants, visible minorities, aboriginals and handy caps.

·         Three types of discrimination: Direct, indirect and systematic.

·         Direct discrimination is when the employee directly tells the employer that they are not eligible for the job because of a certain characteristic. (Ex. height, gender etc.)

·         Indirect discrimination refers to applying a provision, criterion or practice which disadvantages people of a particular group

·         Systematic discrimination refers to patterns of behavior, policies or practices that are part of the structures of an organization, and which create or preserve disadvantage for racialized persons.


What is Equality Measures Program?

·         Program to prevent discrimination within business and governmental organizations. However, this program it is not mandatory for most companies and therefore many organizations have not adopted this policy. It is important for job seeker to understand and protect his/her rights covered by this program.


Government Services and Grant Program in Employment:

·         Free Government training service: The Quebec government provides free education in courses required for your job field in addition to counseling services for new immigrants (See attachment <List of sectors targeted for training>).  To take advantage of the training service, please contact Emploi Quebec http://emploiquebec.net

·         Government provided “subventions salaries (salary grants)”:

o   Passerelle: Providing Funding for individuals wishing to work outside of the Montreal Area in the peripheries of Quebec.

o   PRIME: The government gives 12-month salary to the employer to support the new employee. The employee has to be a immigrant who has never worked in their occupation in Canada or the United States as well as have had permanent residency status for less than five years or belong to a visible minority group.

o   Quebec Pluriel: Mentoring program for visible minority and is offered in six areas: Gatineau, Laval, Longueil, Montréal, Québec and Sherbrooke. The mentor’s job is to help you think about how you could join the labor market in Quebec as well as developing enriching relationship in seeking a job.

o   For additional information about the programs listed above, please visit: http://emploiquebec.net/individus/emploi/index_en.asp

  How to be successful in finding a job:

·         Make sure you understand your goal.

·         Create a well-written Resume: Maximum 2 pages long with strictly NO grammar mistakes.

·         Cover Letter: Write concisely up to the point. Keep it short and make sure to show all of your abilities in relating to the job.

·         Attack the Hidden Market: Internet only shows 30% of all available jobs in the job market which leaves 70% of hidden jobs available. If you have a particular company that you wish to work in, call in their human resources center and ask for an opening and a possible interview as well as a chance to send in a copy of your resume. This is a good opportunity in finding a job in the niche job market because people generally do not think of calling in to ask for an opening.

·         Always be prepared for an Interview: Usually for most companies, first interviews are conducted over the phone. So always keep a copy of your recent resume beside your phone so that you can answer questions accurately and precisely during an unexpected phone interview.


Additional Resources:

·         You can obtain additional help from these organizations in partner with the ATF: La maisonnee, Le collectif, YWCA, Les centres de femme.

·         These organizations will help you write your CV, prepare you for future interviews and inform you of job offers

·         Resources available on Internet (see attachment formation sector.pdf Internet job resources.pdf ).


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